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Carry On Dancing

You're never safe 'til you see the dawn

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UPDATE: It was fun, but it's over now, babycakes. Don't cry, though. You can always read Angel Time instead.

UPDATE: August 2010. Oh, all right. One last go. If you insist.

FINAL UPDATE: Shyeah, that's truly the end. Goodbye, babycakeses.


Vampires pretending to be role-players pretending to be vampires... how avant-garde!

Set during Blood Canticle. Or after. Or whatever. It might get a little dirty sometimes, because that's how we roll in vampire-land. It's a post-waitress-rape world, babycakes.

Community: codrpg@gmail.com
Lestat: myshinygoldenass@gmail.com
Louis: stillwhining@gmail.com
Marius: godofhair@hotmail.com
Gabrielle: notyourpreciousflower@gmail.com
Armand: armandinator@gmail.com
Merrick: rum.merrick@gmail.com
Claudia: orphaned.innocent@gmail.com
David: old_k1d_on_the_block@yahoo.com
Pandora: pandorahotbox@yahoo.com
Bianca: prettypinkbianca@yahoo.com
Daniel: choochookakoo@yahoo.co.uk
Mael: findingmyselfbyburning@yahoo.co.uk
Mona: perfectly_egregious@hotmail.com
Jesse: CleverLibrarian@gmail.com
Eleni: elenionfire@gmail.com
Maharet & Mekare: reddioscuri@gmail.com

Sister community for interaction: tomoon_and_back

Carry on Dancing has been in action since January 2004. Accept no substitutions or inferior imitations. This community is a PARODY only.
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